airbrush comprehencive course

Airbrush courses

Airbrush massive comprehencive course

The course is intended for beginners with basic knowledge of paintings + portfolio

Airbrush comprehencive masive course

Airbrush comprehencive masive course

this is the largest and most comprehencive course in Berlin.

which take the students hand in hand through all the dificult initial stages.

and give the students basic principles and techniques. accompanies the student

untill he controls the tool.

the course includes all the professional tool

(airbrush, compressor, paint jars  airbrush hose, paints etc...)

that will be used by the student to practice and train at home


What You Get?

  • proffassional Airbrush
  • Professional sielant compressor
  • airbrush paint jars
  • airbrush hose
  • paints,canvases, and anything you will need
  • 8 massive weeks
  • 3 hours a week
  • and an extra hour a week for help and consultation


course cost; 2500 euros

What you get?

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